Photograph of children and community members painting a large mural on the ground
Above: Announcing the New Director of the Remaking Cities Institute

Carnegie Mellon Architecture is pleased to announce Stefan Gruber as the new director of the Remaking Cities Institute.

Carnegie Mellon Architecture’s research centers have a rich and venerable history of leading the architecture discipline in research excellence in sustainable, computational and urban design.

Our faculty members combine their deep expertise in architectural subdisciplines (the “vertical” dimension) with broad, collaborative interconnectedness across campus and the globe (the “horizontal” dimension). The result? Our four research centers push the boundaries of architecture, forge connections beyond the discipline and draw government, industry and nonprofit partners to fund and apply our work.

This culture of inquiry isn’t limited to the graduate programs or sequestered research labs: the faculty member who manages a million-dollar sustainability project in the morning teaches an undergraduate design studio in the afternoon. Students at all levels are encouraged to explore design as research; the school’s legendary research excellence permeates the entire curriculum and every student’s education.


Research Centers

Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics (CBPD)
Remaking Cities Institute (RCI)
Photo of robotic machinery
Applied Architectural Robotics Collective (AARC)


Research Laboratories

Terracotta Grotto Assembly
Lab for Architectural Ceramic Experimentation (LACE)
Photograph of a tall structure.
Regenerative Structures Laboratory


Inactive Research Centers and Labs

Urban Design Build Studio (UDBS)

The UDBS was a collaborative of students, professors, and allied professionals who work with community residents on implementation of appropriate, affordable, replicable design solutions.