UDream Sponsorship

UDream provides opportunities for promising graduates of architecture, urban design, and urban planning programs.

The 22-week post-graduate experience is fully funded thanks to the generous support of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture, local foundation partnerships, and the commitment of regional industry leaders.

UDream is still accepting partnerships from interested Architecture, Urban Design, and Not-for-Profit Organizations for the upcoming 2023 Summer. These partners provide valuable support for all aspects of the UDream program and the experience of the highly qualified young professionals that are coming to learn, work, and live in Pittsburgh.

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Employment Partners

The summer academic program is followed by a fall internship in Pittsburgh. Participants are guaranteed an internship upon completion of the academic program, and employers and participants are matched based off of the interview process.

The following firms are participating in the summer match day, during which UDream participants interview for the 14 week fall internship. These local and regional architecture firms, construction managers, community developers, and other professional organizations recognize the need to increase diversity in our field and have committed to hiring the UDream participants through a paid internship. 

Thank you to our Pittsburgh Employment Partners for 2023!

UDream is supported in part by the PJ Dick Innovation Fund at the School of Architecture.

Interested in becoming part of the UDream story in Pittsburgh?

Please email udream@andrew.cmu.edu to learn more and to get involved.