watercolor drawing of a red bridge over a blue river

Firth of Forth, Scotland. By Graham Murtha (B.Arch '25), recipient of the 2022 Gindroz Prize for Summer Travel and Study in Europe for the proposal “Studies of stone architecture in Ireland, Scotland and England.”

Carnegie Mellon Architecture offers the following awards, prizes, scholarships and design competitions to students, faculty and alumni of the school.

Student Awards

Carnegie Mellon Architecture offers awards for students in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year. More information is available on each award's page linked below.

Fall Awards

Project & Internship Support

Research Award

Sustainable Design Award

Travel Awards

Spring Awards

Design & Representation Awards

Professional Promise Award

Public Interest Design Awards

Real Estate Award

Sustainability Award

Travel Award

Graduation Awards

Carnegie Mellon Architecture recognizes the outstanding achievement of graduating students through its annual Graduation Awards program. The winners are announced during the annual Diploma Ceremony.

Faculty Awards

Fall Awards

Research Awards

Alumni Award

Travel Award

External Awards & Scholarships

The following awards and scholarships are available from organizations outside the school.

  • AIA Pennsylvania Emerging Professionals ARE Grant: This award provides a grant to students graduating with a degree in architecture to cover the cost of testing for three (3) divisions of the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). Applications are due in August of each year.
  • John Belle Travel Fellowship: This $10,000 annual award helps expand students’ understanding of the public realm in existing cities through travel and research and how the knowledge gained might be applied to contemporary urban needs and design challenges. Applications are due in February of each year.
  • John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship in Architecture: This annual competition is open to students attending an accredited architecture program in Pennsylvania. The fellowship provides a $10,000 traveling award for a young architect to study architecture abroad. The competition registration and brief are issued in January of each year.

Archived Awards

The following awards were previously available from Carnegie Mellon Architecture.