student building a Freedom By Design Weatherization Kit

Freedom By Design Weatherization Kit. Credit: Christina Brown

Carnegie Mellon Architecture's student organizations support and enrich student life in our community. These groups offer various opportunities to get involved and collaborate with fellow students beyond the classroom. 

Additionally, Carnegie Mellon offers more than 450 clubs and organizations to serve the academic, social, physical and spiritual well-being of our student population.

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

orange and black AIAS CMU logo

The CMU chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) creates a connection between students and the professional and academic world of architecture by offering members a diverse set of events and experiences including firm visits, local and national networking opportunities, community service build initiatives and exposure to cutting edge developments within the field of architecture.

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Freedom by Design (FBD)

Freedom By Design logo of two hands holding up a blue circle icon

Freedom by Design™ (FBD) is a community service program of AIAS that uses the talents of architecture students to radically impact the lives of people in their community through modest design and construction solutions. The CMU chapter of AIAS has an FBD program that provides students with real-world experience through working with clients, learning from local licensed architects and contractors, and experiencing the practical impacts of architecture and design. The chapter’s signature outreach program is the Weatherization Kit project, a box of items that helps Pittsburgh residents prepare their homes for winter.

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National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

black and white NOMAS logo

In alignment with the mission of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA), the CMU chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) focuses on creating safe spaces for minority and underrepresented students at Carnegie Mellon Architecture. The organization provides a community of purpose for students by championing diversity, advocating for an education that considers the socioeconomic consequences of design, and connecting students to minority professionals in the field.

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black and white logo with an i, p and dot in a circle

inter·punct is a platform for ideas, theory and discourse – sometimes about architecture and sometimes at its periphery. The group was founded by students at Carnegie Mellon University in 2011 and has released issues para·meter (2013), inter·view (2016), now is time to panic (2021), we only dream the night before tomorrow (2021), just listen (2022), Reconstruction (2023) and Demolition (2023). Through guest interviews, group discussions and writing, inter·punct looks critically to better understand the past and future.

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Architectural Crafts Collective (ACC)

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The Architectural Crafts Collective (ACC) is an organization dedicated to enriching the academic journey of students from first years to masters by teaching traditional and contemporary crafts such as woodworking, ceramics, metalworking, glassblowing, and more. Through workshops, club sponsored lectures, field trips and collaboration, the organization educates members on methods and techniques related to craftsmanship.

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Architecture Peer Mentors (APM)

Architecture Peer Mentors (APM) connects first-year students with upperclassmen to encourage a community of mentorship, learning and inter-year collaboration. Mentors assist students in their transition into Carnegie Mellon Architecture to establish an early, mutually beneficial relationship.

Undergraduate Architecture Student Advisory Council (SAC)

The Undergraduate Architecture Student Advisory Council (SAC) provides a formal means of interaction between students, faculty and administration. The student representatives are responsible for communicating the efforts of the council to their colleagues, bringing issues forwarded by fellow students to the council and contributing time, energy and ideas to improve both the Carnegie Mellon Architecture and CMU.

  • SAC Advisor: Heather Workinger Midgley

    1st Year Representatives: Jessica Adenuga, Alma Caselles & Lilianne Kouyate
    2nd Year Representatives: Nathan Cottrell, Nataniella Essang & Ashley Jauregui
    3rd Year Representatives: Hazel Froling, Bina Guo & Starr Wasler
    4th Year Representatives: Michael Bi, Gloria Lee & Andrea Wan
    5th Year Representatives: Gabrielle Benson & Sharon Fung

Graduate Student Assembly Committee (GSAC)

The Graduate Student Assembly Committee (GSAC) is the student body that represents Carnegie Mellon Architecture graduate students. GSAC oversees the planning and funding of graduate social events and offers programs that the school's graduate students. Representatives meet regularly with the GSAC advisor and school head over the course of the semester to address the concerns of graduate students and develop solutions. Graduate students are invited to speak with their representatives about the changes they would like to see in their programs and facilities.

GSAC liaisons to the Carnegie Mellon Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) advocate on behalf of Carnegie Mellon Architecture to the greater GSA network, connecting students with opportunities and funding. Campus wide, GSA and departmental committees strive to improve academic support and collegiate activities for graduate students.

  • GSAC Advisor: Alison Petrucci

    MAAD Representative: N/A
    M.Arch Representative: Trevor Orgill (2nd year)
    MSAECM Representatives: Zachary Brigham (1st year) & Faris Khan (2nd year)
    MSBPD Representative: Riya Malhotra (1st year)
    MSCD Representative: N/A
    MSSD Representatives: Mohammed Zeesha Kareem Sheriff (1st year) & Bela Nigudkar (2nd year)
    MUD Representatives: Sindhu Prabakar (1st year) & Fangyu Huang (2nd year)
    PhD-AECM Representative: Nihar Pathak
    PhD-BPD Representative: Haipei Bie
    PhD-CD Representative: N/A
    PhD in Architecture Representative: Morgan Newman-Perry