Thesis 2024
Mira Teng (B.Arch 2024)
Image of Mira Teng Thesis

Image of Mira Teng Thesis

Advisors: Mary-Lou Arscott, Daragh Byrne
“Embodying the House: Archive as Memory” is an interdisciplinary architecture thesis that explores the house as a body that utilizes drawing as a way to preserve the mundane yet intimate memories of architecture. It is based in a series of mark-making endeavors that produces a range of work that understands the process as the product. This includes explorations in generative mark making as well as film, amongst a wide variety of mediums. The purpose is to understand the house for its anthropomorphic abilities to remember by imbuing it with the potential of drawing machines to document. It seeks to understand what exists in the space between the softness of intimacy and the precision of automation.